Discreet surveillance techniques blend the basics of personal, photo/video surveillance with many new and evolving technologies. Knowing when, how and where to legally utilize various types of surveillance for permissible purposes is a skill set that can make the difference between success and failure.

Surveillance is most often integrated into a worker’s compensation, fraudulent injury claims, workplace misconduct, or other investigation requiring documented observations and evidence to support a suspected activity. While specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed, I have a very high rate of success in this area frequently resulting in positive outcomes for my clients.

When done properly, surveillance can provide a wealth of factual, first hand convincing proof of misconduct, or a reasonable explanation of suspected misconduct that may be unfounded. Depending upon the wide variety of circumstances, including type of activity, location, the subject’s level of caution, and possible counter-surveillance, this type of investigation also requires ongoing communication with the client, flexibility, patience and sometimes additional resources in order to achieve successful results.

SS Investigations has a network of additional investigative resources available to supplement or support complex, long term or long distance surveillance operations. On the water or in the sand dunes SS Investigations has been there…..

A complimentary consultation is helpful to ascertain from the client what they are seeking to achieve and the level of proof that will satisfy the client.