Private Services

SS Investigations has successfully facilitated the alternative resolution of workplace issues in lieu of investigation. This may be a viable alternative to a workplace investigation under certain circumstances. When appropriate and requested, SS Investigations utilizes a compassionate, humane and fair approach to seeking an alternative resolution prior to commencement of a workplace investigation.

Other legal investigative services include records and data base searches tailored to the specific focus requested by the client. Canvassing, screening and interviewing witnesses or involved parties. Locating and managing witnesses before and during legal processes. Professional quality documentation, surveillance and collection of photographic or other physical evidence for use in civil cases. Electronic surveillance and tracking specialist.

SS Investigations has been successful in gathering evidence necessary to support successful prosecution of restraining order violations, parole and probation violations. Counter surveillance and anti stalking services are specialized investigative services that are also available.

SS Investigations has a very successful record of locating and serving legal documents on hard to locate witnesses and respondents.