Missing Persons

One of the more challenging investigative specialties is missing persons. People go missing for a variety of reasons. The uncertainty for family and friends are often devastating emotionally and sometimes financially. In cases where foul play or criminal activity is suspected, the police are the recommended first response. If the criminal case has run out of leads and no longer being actively investigated, a private investigator may be a viable alternative.

Locating a person who has voluntarily made the choice to disappear is a very challenging type of case, however there are many investigative tools available to assist in locating this type of missing person. This often combines database searches along with old fashioned inquiries, showing pictures and following leads.

SS Investigations is experienced assisting attorneys with missing persons due diligence investigations to facilitate the legal processes that will allow families to find closure and obtain benefits not otherwise accessible while their loved one is presumed missing.

SS Investigations is experienced in finding people and can often be of assistance in locating lost or missing persons, however this type of case requires patience, diligence and determination to achieve positive results or to bring closure.