Background Investigations

Employers, schools and university athletic programs all have vulnerability to negative public backlash as well as potential lawsuits for bad hiring or appointment decisions. Many situations are avoidable when a thorough background investigation is conducted before hiring, appointment or placement. SS Investigations is experienced in providing thorough background investigations to police agencies, 911 centers, private businesses and organizations at surprisingly affordable rates, often in a more cost effective and faster timeline than an agency can do it using their own staff. References are available upon request.

When to consider a background investigation instead of a cursory background check:

  • Pre-employment to a new company
  • Pre-appointment to a board, team or appointed position. FCRA compliant.
  • Pre-promotion to a higher position within an organization.
  • Other general background investigations based upon the specific needs of your company or organization.

By documenting due diligence in the background investigation process, you may reduce your exposure to negligent hiring liability issues if challenged later.

A thorough background investigation is often the most important part of a hiring process, providing important information to facilitate the hiring of the right person for your position and your organization.

Background investigations also assist in identifying and documenting the unsuitable candidate through past conduct and behavior. Past behavior is a good indicator of future performance or conduct.

A thorough investigation helps to protect the reputation and assets of you and your organization.

Expending the resources to prevent a bad hiring or appointment is much more cost effective, less aggravating and less expensive than resolving a bad hiring decision later.

SS Investigations offers a unique, confidential annual analysis of background processes to ongoing clients. No other background service  offers this opportunity to evaluate the accuracy and success of background investigations and the subsequent success or failure of the employees hired. This is a great tool to help clients adapt and adjust the background process to the changing hiring and work environment.

Background Checks

Background checks locate data based information on a particular subject. FCRA compliant.
Private investigators are able to utilize private fee based data bases not available to the general public.