Public Safety Agency Background Investigations

SS Investigations offers a variety of pre-employment background investigations for Police, Fire and 911 Centers , ranging from entry level non sworn up through the sworn and supervisory ranks, to managers and chief/command level background investigations. All work is tailored to meet the specific needs of your agency using standard background interviews supplemented with additional questions specific to contemporary needs or identified issues to your agency. Every agency has their own preferences for hiring and SS Investigations will work with your staff to see that our efforts work seamlessly with your existing structure.

We are able to provide these services in a cost effective manner that is often more economical than using in-house resources. Limited internal resources are not diverted from providing direct services, nor are hiring timelines delayed due to unanticipated events that divert background investigators. We are usually able to complete thorough backgrounds in a shorter timeline than agencies using internal resources, reducing hiring timelines and promptly committing the best candidates to your agency.

SS Investigations is available for local and out of area travel. Past experience has shown that in person interviews are significantly better at locating and resolving issues that are often missed with phone interviews.  The costs are offset by the peace of mind associated with your a thorough investigation.  All travel is conducted to minimize costs and maximize results through efficient scheduling and economizing expenses.

For long term clients SS Investigations offers a unique analysis of past employment backgrounds and subsequent corresponding retention and disciplinary issues. This allows participating agencies to continually evolve and improve the content and scope of their hiring background processes and retain the best candidates.

Public safety hiring is often impacted by the budget cycle and hiring seasons common in public service.  Agencies are often competing to hire the best candidates who are often testing at multiple agencies.  SS Investigations is generally available to meet from November to April with your command staff, human resources and hiring managers to provide a complimentary overview of services offered and to schedule anticipated background work for your agency for the upcoming hiring season.

If your agency is interested in knowing more about the services available, please call for a phone consultation or to arrange for a no obligation presentation at your agency.  541-554-5558.