GPS Trackers

Affordable GPS trackers offer a discreet, lower cost alternative or supplement to conventional surveillance techniques. Under a variety of scenarios they can be legally installed and utilized to track the history and provide the precise location of vehicles, property, child* or at risk person. *Subject to legal parameters.

Renting or leasing a device is affordable, discreet and can bring peace of mind or effectively confirm suspicions for a fraction of the costs of conventional surveillance. Installed quietly and discreetly, the service provides written documentation of exact dates, times and locations of the item, vehicle or person being tracked.

Note: SS Investigations will not participate in any activity that facilitates violation of any law, restraining or domestic protective order or other court order prohibiting contact between parties.

GPS trackers are often recommended as a starting point or alternative to more expensive eyes-on surveillance. If suspicions are confirmed, this technique allows for more effective and efficient use of visual surveillance to pinpoint locations and reduce wasted time and chances of detection, saving you money. The are also a great counter-surveillance tool to protect from stalkers, estranged spouses, partners or otherwise unwanted subject contacts.

Rental/leases and installation are offered by the week, month or longer. The longer the service, the lower the rates. Pay for 5 days** and get the weekends free.  Use of the devices requires a rental/lease agreement, installation and removal charge and loss/damage deposit. ** 24 hour coverage is required for free weekend coverage. A popular surveillance package utilizing GPS monitoring, supplemented with live in the field surveillance is also offered as a reduced cost package.

SS investigations offers a free, confidential, no obligation consultation to determine if this lower cost option is a good choice for your investigative needs.