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Licensed through the State of Oregon – PI-ID 66833

The costs of investigative services are dependent upon a variety of factors including complexity of the case, time requirements and the type of services required. Our investigative service rates are market competitive for a professional level service provider and reflect a very good value for the services rendered. With SS Investigations, clients will usually get more service than they pay for in terms of uncharged time, consultations, research and above all else top shelf customer service and communication. A cost estimate will be discussed as part of the initial complimentary consultation. All work will reflect effective and efficient use of your paid time. Due to limiting the number of cases I take on I can typically offer prompt attention to your investigative needs.

I won’t take on a case unless I believe it has a high probability for success and worth the investment of client resources and my time. I will not participate in or provide information that will facilitate stalking or violating domestic violence protective orders. The highest standards of customer service, integrity, competence and commitment are the cornerstones of SS Investigations.

The people we select to represent us are often a reflection of our own values and ethics. All work performed reflects integrity and professionalism. All assignments are focused upon finding answers, resolving questions and breaking down complex issues into simpler ones, while being completed in a timely, competent and respectful manner.

Maintaining client confidentiality within the limits allowed by law, discretion and trust are paramount values. SS Investigations is a Limited Liability Corporation, licensed through the State of Oregon, insured and bonded. Steve is a member of the State of Oregon Private Investigator Committee. Phone or text 541-554-5558,  or e-mail

SS Investigations now accepts credit card payments in addition to cash and checks.