About SS Investigations

Founded & Managed by Steven Swenson

State of Oregon licensed Private Investigator, license # PI-ID 66833

SS Investigations LLC was founded by Steve Swenson, a retired police captain with over 40 years of investigative experience, including 35 years of police experience in a variety of investigative areas. He has extensive experience in criminal investigations, pre-employment and pre-appointment background investigations, workplace and employee misconduct investigations, undercover and advanced surveillance investigations. Experienced in workplace and product liability investigations. Before starting SS Investigations, Steve worked as a contract background investigator for the US Office of Personnel Management, conducting security clearance background investigations. Steve and SS Investigations are an Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators (OALI), Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) member and State of Oregon DPSST Private Investigators Committee chair.

Experiences include working, supervising and managing a wide of range of criminal investigative duties over the course of his career. As a police manager Steve performed a lead role in reorganizing and changing hiring procedures and practices for a 300 member police agency, including the background investigation processes and internal affairs investigations. As a background investigator Steve has personally conducted well over 1,000 background investigations for police agencies, private employers and the US Government. As a undercover detective he performed countless hours of surveillance, monitoring and tracking assignments.

Steve possesses a specialized skillset that includes conducting, supervising and managing a full range of employee and workplace investigations during his 22 years as a police supervisor and manager. Investigations ranged from relatively minor workplace issues to workplace harassment, misconduct, and egregious felony offenses resulting in terminations and prison sentences. These experiences provide a seasoned and experienced perspective as a private investigator in this sensitive and often difficult area of workplace investigations. Balancing his time and perspective as a manager and supervisor, Steve also served as a police union president and executive board member for several years.

Steve is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and extensively studied interviewing and interrogation techniques. He is a former president of the Oregon Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates and remains an active member of that organization. He is also a graduate of San Diego State University and holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

Due to the vast variety of investigative needs it is not possible for a smaller agency to be really good at every type of investigation. As a result SS Investigations is associated with a network of other associates who are experienced and specialized investigators. If an investigation is required that exceeds my knowledge in a particular area I will gladly bring in additional expertise or refer your case to a more suitable investigator or resource. I also work with a top shelf transcriber for prompt conversion of recorded interviews into court quality transcriptions.